Some of the questions commonly asked by our customers.

Our lanyards and carriers use 100% Made in the USA nylon paracord. Waterfowl hunters are tough and demand that in their products. All of our designs are field tested by our staff and with hunters with years of experience. This real world testing ensures that all of Last Honk items meet our demanding expectations on performance, durability, and design for years to come.

Our Lanyards come standard with these amounts:

  • Green Wing series will hold three calls
  • Pintail series will hold four calls
  • Tundra series will come with either four or six calls
  • If you only use one drop per call , then double these amounts

Our Game Carriers can carry six birds easily.

You may find yourself asking, “Why are there two drops for each call position?”. With many calls exceeding $100.00 or more we want to make sure if the call comes apart that neither piece will fall into the water or on the ground.

We use a unique blended multi-color camo design to blend into your hunting environment.

We take your privacy seriously. At Last Honk you can be assured that the information you provide us will not be sold and will be handled in a secure manner.